4 Types of Poker Hands Every Newbie at Poker Should Learn About

Playing a poker hand depends on various factors and that’s what makes the game famous at the best online casinos in South Africa. The way you the opponents play and the pot odds are some factors that you can consider. But the most important of them all is the type of hand being dealt with. These types of hands can be classified into four hands, like:

  1. Lock hands

These hands make for a sure win. In Texas Hold ‘em Poker, if the flop is opened afterwards and you have three queens and two twos then it is deemed lock hand. At that moment, your strategy is to expand the pot as much as you can. Thus, always avoid playing aggressively and make sure a huge number of players are betting for a long time. Just hope that no one has a better lock hand than you.

  1. Strong hands

They are the next in potential to become winning hands as the game proceeds, but a lesser version of lock hands. When you are dealt with an ace and a king, you need a strong hand before the flop is opened. With such hands, aggressive play is needed with immediate raises and push players out before the community cards are dealt with. When dealt with marginal hands and staying in the fray and seeing the flop, then know that it comes with a cost and a risk. If playing cheaply, then flop their marginal hands to make them strong ones and it pushes you out.

  1. Marginal hand

These ones are the hardest to play. Beginning with a pair of jacks signifies marginal hands as you can get a full house or four of a kind, but remotely. If the cost is low, only that makes the marginal hand safer. For instance, if aggressive play is not involved, you can play with minimum stake. This hand can also be played when others have checked in the betting round. If you joined in late and many have folded, then also marginal hand can be used.

  1. Weak hands

This must not be dealt at all. Weak hands provide you the weakest chances of winning and only with possible community cards. Hence you are just wasting time just to see the flop, this move is meant for losers. If you are betting on weak hands, you may have a strong hand at the moment but it is affecting your bankroll.

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