An Essential Guide About Guns and Firearms

Are you thinking about buying a gun? Are you a gun owner or enthusiast who is interested in learning more about the best guns for various situations? This beautiful guide about guns and firearms is written for any person who may be thinking about purchasing a firearm. It was written with an emphasis on education rather than being tailored towards sales and profits.

Whether you’re a gun owner who wants to learn more about guns or a potential firearm purchaser, we want you to be able to make informed decisions on which guns might be right for you. Our guide will introduce you to the best-selling guns and firearms available on the market today and provide you with everything necessary in order to make an informed decision. We have also added a buyer’s guide to help you understand the differences between various types of firearms. 

Useful and necessary materials available

There are many useful and valuable resources available on the internet for those who are thinking about buying a gun. Unfortunately, many of these resources focus on specific products instead of offering valuable knowledge. Not everyone has the same interests or needs, so it is impossible to know which gun or firearm is best without first knowing about the available options and features for each product or accessory. For this reason, we offer this guide with an emphasis on providing useful information over providing sales-driven details.

  1. Glock Blue Label 17 – The Glock 17 is known for being durable and not having any malfunctions. The Glock 17 is a 9mm striker-fired, short recoil operated pistol with a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds. It is compact, lightweight and has a low bore axis. When the safety lever is deactivated, the firing pin blocks the striker from hitting the round. This pistol comes equipped with 3 magazines, plastic holster, cleaning brush and trigger lock, as well as a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  1. Canik TP9SF Elite – Simple. Accurate. Effective. The TP9 Elite is a striker fired semi-automatic pistol that’s new from the inside out, featuring all-new higher grip, longer trigger reach, and more comfortable overall feel. It has been upgraded with a new trigger mechanism that brings a crisp, light trigger pull with a quick, pronounced reset right back to your finger. Offered in both 9mm Parabellum and .40 S&W, the TP9 Elite features ambidextrous slide stop levers and magazine release buttons (flat or checkered versions available), as well as interchangeable backstraps so that you can have a custom fit for greater comfort and control.
  1. SIG Sauer P365XL – SIG Sauer has crafted a special line of 9mm ammunition for why the P365 was created: short-barrel, concealed-carry handguns. In order for this pistol to function properly in its class, it requires special ammunition that launches from the short barrel at slower speeds than defensive ammunition. This unique ammo will not operate with conventional 9mm pistols, because velocities are too fast for the short barrels of these firearms. By loading the P365 with our new ammunition, we’ve created a compact pistol that gives concealed carriers the power and reliability they need to prevail in life-threatening situations.
  1. Smith & Wesson SD9 VE – The Smith & Wesson SD9 VE is a striker-fired semi-automatic pistol, which means no external safety or decocker. This popular kit includes Two 12 round magazines and a spent case clip. The SD9 VE has a loaded chamber indicator on the right side of the slide that visually and tactilely lets you know there’s a round in the chamber. It also features an ambidextrous magazine release button to accommodate left-handed shooters. The SD9VE is perfect for concealed carry or as a backup gun at home. And with its slim, lightweight design and simple, no-tool takedown, it can be easily stowed in a drawer or under a car seat.
  1. Walther PDP Compact – This Walther PDP Compact holds up to 30 rounds of 9mm ammo and is constructed from a high-impact polymer frame with a steel barrel. Features a long tunnel sight rail for easy aiming and two-way thumb safety for extra security. This lightweight pistol is highly accurate, has a decocking lever, an ambidextrous magazine release button, and a large trigger guard, making it ideal for all outdoor activities. The ergonomic grip is comfortable in any weather condition while the front foot design offers added stability. The stainless steel slide is lightly textured to aid in weapon control during rapid shooting and ensures reliable functionality with minimum maintenance required.