”Chemin de fer “the “ZERO”

Every wager all over the world loves the card game of baccarat. It is liked and played by a class of wagers. The game of baccarat has not lost its appeal and appreciated by the crust section of society. The name “Baccarat” is derived from the Italian word “Baccara” which means zero. But this word “Baccara” also have a French lineage, both countries claim over the origin of this popular casino card game. In the game of baccarat, cards have point values; king, queen, and jack have no value treated as zero; aces have 1 point, and cards from 2 to 9 have real values as depicted in the cards.


Out of the popular stories, the most accepted one is that an Italian gambler named Felix Faliuierein invented this game around 1480. At an early stage, the game was played with tarot cards rather than regular decks. European migration and military expansion towards the west direction in the later century, the game spread like wildfire in the continent of Europe. It became immensely popular among aristocrats of France, those who got attracted by the uniqueness of the game.”Chemin de fer “was the name given to this game by nobles of France, meaning railroad. Still, the game of baccarat is referred to as” Chemin de fer “in France. It then spread its wings to the British Isles and came to be known as European baccarat with slight variation in rules and manner of playing.

Only from the late fifties, the game was introduced in the US when it was played in the famous casino of Dune in Las Vegas. A new variation of the game was introduced in the US, which was a combination of Chemin de fer and European baccarat. As the game involved a lot of risks and odds, it was only played by the affluent people of society.

Modern days

Baccarat has now has become immensely popular in every corner of the world, and every region has adopted a new variation of the play giving a unique character to each variant. In olden times it was only played by wealthy people due to high risk and odds. Some casinos even have restricted entry in the baccarat room, which was only reserved for the cream of the society. But with the advent of online casinos, it has spread its appeal and popularity to every wager. Now it just a click away log on to Dominoqq and enjoy a hand of baccarat or poker.

Today it has become extremely popular in online casinos like other table and card games like poker or blackjack. The game of baccarat has a rich culture and history and measured as a royal and classic game. You do not have to be an aristocrat to enjoy a hand of baccarat. Just sign in with Bandarqq, to enjoy it. Just with an initial deposit of Rp 15,000, you can enjoy an array of casino games. You can download the app in your Smartphone, which is compatible with android, iOS, and even in iPhones. With the Ovo app, you can deposit and withdraw funds quickly and effectively.

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