Different types of poker game variants

Poker came into existence around 1000 years ago, which clearly stated that it has ancient roots and is loved by many people. Slowly poker made its place in the land-based casino and got more heights after coming into online casinos. When the name of the countries came, which helped to raise poker, China, Russia, and France are ahead in the list. When the game poker was started, it was available in the deck of 16 cards, but soon it started coming in 52 set cards.

When there was a rise in CIVIL WAR, it is believed that soldiers of the north and south started playing poker. When Europe’s queen heard about this game, she introduced the game to her country the very next day. Soon this game achieved heights and started coming in casinos, and today, we can see most of a casinos income is depended on this game. Let’s discuss some of the most popular variations of poker.


Razz is a variation of the game stud poker where the one is having the lowest hand wins the game. Flushes and straights are not counted in this because of a unique ranking system in it. Only aces are counted from top to bottom, for example, A 2 3 4. This is the easiest option available to learn and play.

Most of these games are very common in online casinos; all one needs to do is go on the internet and search 99pokerand a vast var54iety of poker games will be waiting for you from which you can earn money. Bets are mostly low on the razz game, which can help in making a large number of profits. Meanwhile, razz is more convenient to play than Chinese poker and other variants of the game.

Chinese poker

The origin of this variation was done back in time in China. This game has a very unique and distinct style to play as it is not easy like other poker games as this game has a unique pattern of playing. Minimum four players are needed to play this game. A total of 13 cards are distributed among players are the winner is decided who has the following cards

  • Their top five best cards
  • Second best five cards strength
  • Weakest three cards

The sooner one arranges the cards in this form; he or she wins the game. One having the strongest of all hands will be the winner. One can find these games on poker 99 and enjoy playing.


To sum up, we can say that poker is the new increasing trend, and one should only play this game after understanding all its variants. For some of the popular variations, one can refer above paragraph. Start gambling online on poker 99 and win money safely. No need to go out of your place as you can enjoy and gamble inside your homes. Hence, we can say gambling online can be beneficial for earning money and passing free time.

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