How to Choose a Sportsbook with US Legalization

Poker is an incredible way to make money and one of the top ways to gamble in the world.  Whether it’s Texas Hold ‘em, Stud, Razz, or Omaha, there’s always a new game to learn in the card world.  It has roots in the United States, so most players can find a place to play in the domestic 50 states as long as there’s a cardroom close by.  Some players end up needing a break though.  They often turn to the sportsbook.

With recent legalization laws in the United States, many poker players are asking themselves how they can take advantage of this opportunity.  The truth is, currently there is only one way.

Sports Gambling is still illegal in the United States outside of Las Vegas.  That means you’re going to have to look for an overseas sportsbook.  There are certainly top places to play and you don’t have to look far for a good Bovada Review or a review that will tell you about there legitimacy.  They certainly are the top choices.  What other things should we be looking for as we try to diversify as US poker players into the sportsbook scene.

Depoit Rewards

One of the things that often interests players the most is the bonus they will receive when signing up with a new sportsbook.  Most books give around 50% initial free cash on a bonus of anywhere from $250-$3000.  That can really add up to a lot of free money if you play your hand correctly.

Customer Support

We all need somewhere to go if our experience begins to go the wrong way at a sportsbook.  There are stories out there of people losing accounts for no reason and never being able to get them back with certain sites.  It’s not all unlike PokerStars.  When signing up these days, we need to know that there are real people to talk to and that they’ll support out accounts.

Amount of Betting Options

Not all books are made the same.  In Las Vegas, it’s common to walk from one casino to another and see a different point spread.  This is because the casinos have different trusted bookmakers.  Often times they’re close to one another, but sometimes they vary significantly.  The same thing happens with online casinos.

You want to make sure that you find the right selection of game lines and prop bets for you as a gambler.  If the casino doesn’t have the game or the league you’re looking for, move on to another one or combine several.  Each book has it’s own facet that makes it special.

In addition, books charge different juice.  You may want to go to the one with the least juice if you gamble some serious volume.

Payout Speed

Everyone wants to know that they’re going to get paid and also when.  Bovada is known to be one of the fastest payment institutions in the industry.  They can wire and also send checks.  It usually takes them only a week.  Most other casinos are known to take the better portion of a month for payout.

Cryptocurrency is also beginning to take center stage as many people thought it would in gambling a few years ago.  You can use your Ethereum or Bitcoin to get payouts faster than ever and also remain discreet.

Mobile Setup

Crazy to think about the fact that we’re talking about Cryptocurrency payouts but still don’t have consistent mobile methods.  Much like other industries, some gambling sites lag well behind the mobile industry leaders like Bovada and  That’s largely whey they receive more customers these days.  Over 50% of internet use is now on mobile, so if a book doesn’t have a mobile implementation that’s good, I’m not sure I’d trust them to be in business.  I certainly wouldn’t trust them with my money unless they’re the old dog 5dimes.


Picking up a sportsbook as a poker player can look really daunting with US legalization and the confusion there.   There are lots of options for you though.  Pay attention to what you want and be sure to read some more  There are more in depth reviews here from the guys at and they look into the best online sportsbooks.

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