Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money. It does not have a physical form and all its transactions occur online. People who transact with cryptos do this via sending the digital currency from one digital wallet to another.

Casinos are generally game arenas where certain games are being played. The games are called casino games and they include baccarat, crap, keno, poker etc.

Online casino games are played online and make use of various online based transactions for the games. An example of this is the bitcoin casino. Bitcoin is used as a means of transaction. Bitcoin transactions in casinos are a clear difference between online casinos and the regular physical casinos.

Online casinos compared to physical casinos

  • Online casino games are played at online gaming sites via the internet. Physical casino games are on the other hand played at the usual brick and mortar casinos. This has given physical casinos the upper hand at elaborate sophistication. Physical casinos pull prestigious appearances with top grade gaming equipment and amazing interior décor.
  • Physical casinos do have a main downside when compared with online casinos. The former has limited space for more games. The space is not nearly as much as that of online casinos. Most online casinos can host up to a hundred fold of the games offered at physical casinos without falling at the risk of insufficient space.
  • Online casinos have a higher random chance than physical casinos. The former also has higher odds. The higher the odds the higher the payout; hence online casinos have a higher payout. The bonuses offered by online casinos are also quite higher than those offered at physical casinos.
  • The transactions made at the online casinos are automated. This enhances the speed, ease, convenience and efficiency of transactions. This is applied to both withdrawals and deposits. Crypto is a perfect example for this.
  • The online mode of casino games is played with the use of a random generator to generate outcomes of the games. The online mode also allows the use of live actions like regular physical casinos to determine the outcomes used in games such as roll of dice, dealing of cards and spinning of wheels. These online games make use of sophisticated video cameras and technical professionals to make the game a success; hence wind up costlier than the regular online casino games. Physical casino games are generally more expensive than the online games. This is dependent on high cost of maintenance of the gaming facilities while the latter spends minimal or no cost on the maintenance of the casino.
  • Online casino games are not restricted to specific locations like traditional casino games. They can be played at whatever location or time suiting the player. The games played at physical casinos are restricted to certain locations.
  • The interface created with online casinos is not physical; hence some players might not trust a virtual operator. However, that of physical casinos is more of a face to face interaction getting more players trust.

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