Profile of the UK49s Lottery Game

The UK49s ( Lottery Game is a raffle and daily betting game. The lottery draws are carried out twice a day. The first draw is held at noon (12:49) and is commonly known as lunchtime draw, while the draw is carried out at 17:49 pm and is usually referred to as teatime draw.  Each draw involves six digits and one “booster ball” that is drawn from numbers that range in between 1-49. For you to win £20,000, you are required to choose eight digits and color and proceed to match them to 12 figures.

The raffle game enables the player to choose the amount of money they can spend in betting on the outcome they have selected. The lottery game is so different from other lotteries due to the absence of one price option. Instead, the raffle gives you an option of choosing the amount of money that you want to bet with.

UK49s’ History

UK49s is a lottery game that is controlled by national lottery. The game differs from other lottery games in several ways. They include buying ticket techniques, draw frequency, betting structure, and the structure of the prize. This excellent lottery game from the United Kingdom stands out as the most popular because of the above factors.

UK49s was established in the early 1990s with an objective of countering the UK National Lottery what was established at the time. The formation of UK49s was a dream to create a lottery game that similar but unique to the gambling/casino style program. This game was not to assume any private state lottery features. Therefore UK49s achieved the dream by creating a game that was different.

Another feature that makes UK49s Lottery a unique and exclusive is the fact that it happens twice a day. This means that you can play UK49s either in the morning or evening, depending on your lucky feeling.

Online UK49’s Syndicate

Typically, the lottery syndicate brings up the groups of individuals who combine their money to buy more tickets. Lottery syndicate boosts the chances of an individual winning a prize. When one joins the lottery syndicate, either in person or online, he/she raises his/her chances of winning the lottery.

Online lottery syndicates are a little different from other online suppliers. The difference comes about from the requirements, costs, and regulations of the game. The features in the UK49s lottery game are accessible to various lottery games with payment options for specific group sizes. This is one of the considerations that one has to make in advance. UK49s provide services to multiple players with a different extensive range across the world. The game is most popular in Europe, Australia, and South Africa.  Since its establishment, the company has been leading in syndicates groups and lottery tickets for several famous lottery games such as mega Million, and US Powerball.

Access UK49’s Tickets Online

Currently, it is possible to play UK49’s lottery game online. This means that various online players can attempt their luck in winning the jackpot among other prizes through an online platform. The game can be played through two ways; direct debit or using a loaded account.

When the players are playing using the loaded account, they are required to deposit funds in their account. In case of a win, the players are notified by the National Lottery through an email. However, if the player wins an instant win, the winnings are transferred to their accounts directly.

On the other side, when players play using direct debit, they are required to sign up for presenting their bank account details. After the sign-up process, their numbers are entered automatically. From there all winners are informed through emails by the National Lottery.

2nd Tier Prizes

 The jackpot win that is played during lunchtime draw is not the only UK49s prize that can be won. There are other prizes such as second and third tier that are worth a lot as well.

UK lotto provides a betting option on the outcome of the lottery. Here, you can choose a number of balls that you want to play with as far as they range from 1-5. Usually, the draw is presented with six balls that you are expected to choose the number of balls that you wish to play with. The higher chances of winning are increased by the number of balls that you have.

Payouts of the UK49s

The minimum amount of money that can be won in a jackpot payout is calculated by multiplying the minimum bet and the odds. Following the above logic, you realize that the minimum jackpot payout is about 13 million GBP. However, you cannot be entirely accurate as odds differ slightly from one provider to another.

The lottery game offers odds for each and every possible outcome. This means that the results should range from 6-1 for one number to odds that are almost 14,000,000 for the main prize of seven digits. Odds remain the only variant that remains the same in the UK49s. The rest is decided by the player.

How to Win UK49s

 There are no established rules to guide on how one can win the lottery. However, there are some laid out guidelines that can increase your chances of winning. Several people play a lottery draw using groups of digits or some specific combination. The main issue is that if you played winning digits of 2,3,4,5 and 6, the possibility of another 1000 people sharing the prize is high. There are other famous combinations that need to be avoided. Such combinations include multiples of a digit. For example 5(5, 10, 15, 25…)

The other favorite selection that can take involves a multiple of a lucky digit such as 7, 14, 21, 28…even though there are chances of discovering a particular number that brings you luck, it is not advisable to use them on the same play board. It is good to distribute them in different ways. Since the lottery game was started, numbers 03, 06, 13, 23, and 27 have produced the most prize-winning matches in the United Kingdom.

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