Top reasons why you shouldn’t play poker

Every article you come across the internet is trying to convince you why you should play poker. Very few of them actually tell you the truth about poker and why it is not good for you. The truth is that 온라인홀덤 poker doesn’t give you anything good. In fact, it only takes away from your bankroll and time. Most people that play poker are usually not capable of controlling themselves, so they end up neglecting their families and responsibilities just to play poker. So I have to ask, is playing poker so good that it is worth neglecting your family over? I will give you three or so reasons why playing poker is not such a good idea for you as an individual, for your family, both immediate and extended, and for your community and society at large.

Poker is a game of luck

Type the phrase “poker strategy” into your browser and see how many search results come back with information that is trying to give you tips and strategies for playing poker. There are so many blog articles out there that present well-crafted strategies for playing poker as if poker is actually based on strategy. What those articles won’t tell you is that poker is part of gambling and as you might already know, gambling is a game of chance. There is no amount of strategy that will make you make money in the long term playing poker. You can’t influence the outcome of a poker game no matter how patient you are or how much skill and experience you command. The outcome you get was always going to be what it is. As such, you should not fool or console yourself into playing poker thinking that the outcome depends on your strategy.

Online poker is rigged

Poker service providers are in the business for the money. There is no company that is ever established without having money as the ultimate target. Poker sites of today are extremely rigged and you shouldn’t try to play on them with the hope of making actual money because Jesus will come back before that happens. There are many companies that have entered into this business and not all of them are legitimate. Some are scams that are played on unsuspecting players who keep depositing money into their accounts with the hope of winning big someday. On such sites, the only people that can be expected to win real money are the people who play for the poker sites. The games are usually rigged to ensure that these players are always winning.

Sitting down is bad for your health

Poker is a game that is meant to be played while sitting down. If you choose to play 4 hours in a day, those will be 4 hours that you spend sitting down. If it happens that your job also involves sitting down the entire time you are at it, then playing poker is an unhealthy behavior. You can easily develop varicose veins and other vascular vessel diseases because you care about poker more than your health

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