Known as compulsive gambling, gambling addiction, it is a pathological disorder that primarily affects impulse control. The subjects affected by this disorder cannot help indulging it despite being well aware of the harm they do to themselves and their loved ones. You can be a player at DPBOSS.

 Myths and facts about gambling addiction and pathological gambling

MYTH: You have to play every day to be a gambler.

FACT: It’s not so much a frequency problem, a player can play frequently or infrequently without any repercussions.

MYTH: The partners of players with problems often push them to play.

FACT: Those who have a problem with gambling often fail or do not want to rationalize their behavior, thus avoiding taking responsibility and blaming others for their actions, also avoiding what is necessary to overcome the problem.

MYTH: When a gambler accumulates a debt from DP BOSS, he must be helped to pay it off.

FACT: Although this solution seems the fastest, it is certainly not the best. In fact, by relieving the player from the responsibility of having created the debt, it does not help him at all to counteract this attitude, on the contrary, it only worsens the situation, leading the player to continue with his bad behaviors.


Gambling addiction, unlike other addictions such as drug or alcohol addiction, does not have particular alarm bells such as obvious signs or physical symptoms. For this reason, it is defined as a hidden disease.

  • You feel the need to hide your game volume from others for fear of an unpleasant judgment or because you want to surprise them with important winnings.
  • If you have difficulty controlling your game volume, or if you are unable to manage your play by stopping when you want and getting to the last penny in an attempt to regain the lost amounts.


Change your lifestyle and make healthier choices

A very constructive way to combat gambling is the elimination of one’s life of all those habits that lead to the creation of favorable conditions for gambling, and the replacement of these with healthier and more balanced alternatives. The four main elements that lead to the creation of an unhealthy environment:

  • The decision. Before starting to gamble, it is obvious that we thought about it, and precisely at this juncture, we must arm ourselves with willpower and call someone trusted who will advise us and lead us to re-evaluate our choice, also in function of the consequences that this would imply on our life.
  • Without it, it would not make sense to talk about gambling, and for this reason, you must eliminate all sources of usable money, such as credit cards, and entrust your finances to a trusted person.
  • The weather. This element is also essential for the game. Still, it can be easily eliminated simply by rearranging one’s days according to new and healthier activities, perhaps even in this case supported by a loved one, or by spending more time with friends and relatives.

Conclusion: Without any activity to bet on, there is no possibility to play, a concept as obvious as it is fundamental for healing. Blocking online betting sites or notifying betting sites that they frequent their gambling problems is a valid solution to counteract this latter factor as well.

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