How Rummy Winners are Different from Rummy Losers?

A frequent player of rummy patti game will know that some people are finetuned to win this marvellous game. Let us try to figure out what differentiates the winner in your favourite card game from the loser. Yes, there certainly are certain characteristic that set aside a winner from the rest. Here we have listed some of the points that distinguish winners from losers in rummy games:

Winners Focus on Ways to Win While Losers Focus on How Not to Lose

The basic mindset of a winner is Indian rummy online games is to win. That is why his mind will always be thinking of the best way to win the card game. This will help him come up with the right solutions sooner than others.

A loser will be more scared to lose and will focus on ways to avoid losing rather than ways to win. He will never strategize to win the game but only try not to lose. The chances are that he will still lose because his approach itself is wrong.

Winners Are Risk Takers While Losers are Safe Players

Winners know that you can never win a game without taking risks. If there are 50-50 chances of winning or losing, a winner will focus on his half chances of winning the game and give it a try. Losers, on the other hand, will see the half empty glass instead and choose to avoid playing. They will never take a chance where the probability of losing is 50%. Thus, they may avoid losing by simply passing their turn.

Winners Adhere to the Rules While Losers Seek Loopholes

Winner have confidence in their rummy gaming skills. That is why they will never consider cheating or loopholes in the game as a means to win it. On the contrary, when a loser is playing cards, his focus is on any means to make the opponent lose. That is why he wouldn’t hesitate to win by hook or by crook. This attitude of a loser prevents him from learning new techniques and strategies. He is already so busy cheating that he fails to take time to understand the game better.

Winners Are Open to Suggestions While Losers Think They Know Everything

One trait of a true winner is that he is always eager to learn and improvise. If you suggest some new methods to a winner, he will welcome those happily. He will be thankful to you for teaching him something new.

The loser, on the other hand, will hate to hear suggestions. He will think that you are doubting his skills by suggesting new methods to play. He wills corn you and never welcome anymore suggestions. This egoistic attitude prevents losers from growing and evolving as Indian rummy players.

Winners Appreciate Other Winners While Losers Don’t

Winners don’t look at another’s victory as a threat. That is why they happily appreciate others who win. This is not the case with a thorough loser. He will never enjoy seeing another person win in rummy and will never have the desire to acknowledge.

Winners Treat Failures as Stepping Stones, Losers Don’t

Winners are not scared to lose. They understand that they can only learn from their mistakes. That is why they treat failures as stepping stones and move ahead. Losers regard failures as roadblocks. They may even give up playing if they feel they are frequently losing the game.

Winners Welcome Newbies While Losers Don’t Encourage Newcomers

Winners have a sporting spirit that makes them welcome newcomers with the same positive enthusiasm that losers completely lack. They eagerly help new comers find their way through rummy game rules. They explain to they how to earn money by playing games like rummy. The losers, on the contrary, do not encourage newbies. They try to show their own superiority in front of newbies.

Winners are Flexible While Losers are Not Versatile

Winners know of their capabilities. If you suggest a new variant of rummy that they aren’t familiar with, they will still agree to play. This is because they are sure they can grasp the rules and understand the game in a few rounds.

Losers are quite rigid. They are unwilling to try anything new or different. They stick to the old rules and card games that they know best.

If you don’t wish to be a loser, simply choose 13 card rummy game free download for android and practice the game till you are well-versed with it.

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