Kind of bets available in Dragon Tiger


Dragon Tiger is much similar to the baccarat game. Just like in baccarat, Dragon Tiger punters are required to bet on whether the Dragon or the Tiger will get the higher value card. There are different kinds of bets that you can bet on. They include:

Main bets

The first bet that you should expect to find in a dragon tiger online is the main bet. In the main bet, punters will bet that the tiger will have the highest value card, Players can also bet on the Dragon receiving the highest value card and the last bet is punters betting that Dragon and the Tiger will have identical values.

The side bets

This is another bet that you should always expect from Dragon and Tiger betting. Inside bets, we have the Tiger bet, Tiger small, Dragon big, Dragon small, Tiger red, Tiger black, Dragon red, and lastly we have Dragon black. Inside bets, punters can select one option or the other but you cannot choose both. This is because they can only bet on whether the dragon or the Tiger will receive the highest value.

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