All Things You Need To Know About Gamstop Casinos

Due to some recent changes in the rules and regulations by the UK gambling association, many gamblers are unable to find the correct place to play. And also, due to its sudden implementation, the most affected one is the rule regarding GamStop self-exclusion.

This rule led to many gamblers without any options to enjoy any kind of casino entertainment. Well, not to worry, because, in this article, you will know why it is important to know what changes the association has made that you need to check before you see what alternatives are there.

About Non-GamStop Casinos:

  • These casinos are international casinos that are being operated online and outside the United Kingdom.
  • And therefore, they don’t follow any rules and regulations governed by the United Kingdom as they don’t fall under this association itself.
  • These websites are instead licensed by regulatory bodies like Curacao, Gibraltar, or Malta.

How is this different from the UK’s gambling?

  • Let’s start with what is GamStop in general? It is the UK’s national self-exclusion scheme that was started to prevent any gambling problems in the United Kingdom.
  • It is quite easy to sign up for new users, and the purpose is pretty simple as it states that players who have already signed up with the GamStop are restricted from accessing any online casinos in the United Kingdom.
  • And this exclusion period solely depends on what the player has chosen during the registration, and that can vary between six months to one year to five years as well.
  • But one thing to keep in the notice is that the exclusion period won’t stop on its own. The player has to go by himself and send the request to cancel it.

About Joining GamStop That Are Not Registered:

Even if this GamStop is a great opportunity for gamblers who have certain problems, there are some other guys as well who have joined GamStop for various reasons but are now not able to enjoy casino much because it is just an alternative way for playing games related to casino regardless of what they have in their GamStop exclusion period.

Even if you aren’t a member, you can enjoy casino games that are not restricted by GamStop, and that includes some international casinos.

Differences between Non-GamStop casinos and GamStop Casinos:

  • There isn’t much difference; the only difference is the license provider and the withdrawal or deposit options.
  • Also, there are plenty of other benefits as well when you join these international casinos governed by different authorities.
  • And these casinos hold all the types of games, including bingo and slots, to table casinos, just as any regular casino in the United Kingdom will have.

Sum up

The only thing about these international casinos is that not all of them are registered safely under any particular authority, so do check about its info at before you join and invest your money in it. Otherwise, the ones with governing bodies like Malta and Gibraltar are good to go.

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