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How to Play Online Games without Losing Them

The first time you start playing online games, you feel nervous and sometimes even anxious. The first thought that comes to mind is will I lose the games or I am even doing it right? And the worst case is when you unfortunately lose the game and give up completely.

You don’t think that you had fun playing those games and even enjoyed some fun moments. What stays like a bad taste in your mouth is the failure that you experienced when you tried your hand with online games.

But there is a way to play, enjoy and even win these different online games. Let’s take the bull by the horns and win these online games.

Getting the flow right

We all know when you try something for the first time, there is a bit of stress. You need a bit of this stress to get you up that first hill. With some amount of challenge, there is excitement and it pushes you to achieve things without making it look very difficult. But then it suddenly plummets. In gaming circles, it is known as ‘going tilt’ and happens when a player’s stress level reaches a point where it no longer helps in performance but harms it. So, it becomes important to balance these stress levels. Once you have got the hang of the game, play it as a source of entertainment and not as a point of stress. The aim should be to get the game right and not chase it like a target. The moment you feel it is the stress that is working in the game rather than excitement, take a step back and slow down.

Focus on things that you can control

There is an extremely generic form of self-deception that happens when competitive gamers start playing online games. Yes, you want to be in control of the entire situation, but not all elements of a game are in your control. Take the example of popular rummy game played across India. You can’t control what cards you are dealt, but yes you can control the moves you make to move towards the winning hand. Getting frustrated and angry on the small situations just spoils the experience. Rather, focus on the actions that you can do and move forward with it.

Manage the expectations that you have

If you are constantly feeling unhappy about the way the online games are moving for you, then there is a possibility that the gap between your expectations and the reality is quite big. You might want to win each game you play online and completely crush your opponents, but that’s not going to happen, and you know it. Instead, focus on doing the best you can and have fun. Also, you should be open to learning. Every game will teach you a thing or two and that will help you further improve your game.

Be Optimistic but not positive

You must be thinking, what’s the difference between the two. Absolute positive thinking makes you ignore problems. If there are problems in your game tactic, then ignoring them doesn’t really help. Instead, take an account of the things that you can improve and then work on it. When things look challenging, then being optimistic about the entire situation will keep your spirits high and help you improve on your game.

Be open to learn and unlearn

When you start playing you already know some tricks to win the game. But as you improve on your game, it can also mean that you need to learn and unlearn some aspects of your game as well. If you are playing card games like rummy, then the first thing you need to know is how to play rummy and then work on your skills to gain confidence with cash tournaments. This applies to other games as well. Even though the different levels can define the rules of the game, you need to understand and change your gameplay accordingly.

Take a break and relax

Yes, you played this game to relax and have some light moments. But have you got carried away and now it is adding to your stress? It is time to take a break and remove all that added stress out of your body. If you are stressed, you will eat more, shop more, and browse through the internet. If you find yourself doing all these things, take a step back and do some relaxing exercises, meditate and calm down.

Playing online games is serious business and we understand that well, but taking things easy will help you ease out and give you that relaxed mode that you absolutely love. So, get started with those games and remember it is important to win, but it is much more important to enjoy the win as well.

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