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Gambling, or as it’s normally called “betting”, is playing a game of chance for money. You put up a certain sum, make predictions/ play a game, and see if you can win or lose. Online gambling is just gambling with the added word ‘Online’, which means using the Internet to play those games. The games could be of any type – be it poker or sports betting, it all comes under the same category. The 1st online gambling venue opened in Liechtenstein in the year 1994.

Online Gambling: A Profitable Business

Having a market of close to around $40 billion globally, it’s one of the most growing industries. Though some countries have banned online gambling, others like the US, some parts of Canada and most of Europe welcome it with open hands. With the Internet being the most important and revolutionizing thing ever since its discovery, it has surely worked its charm on gambling too. Since when the Internet came into play, online gambling came up with more versatile and varied options for its customers. This includes poker, casinos, sports betting, bingo and lotteries.

Sports betting have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. With cricket being at the heart of India and online gambling associating itself with it, the game has reached new heights altogether. If anything becomes famous in a country as populous as India, it’s sure to reach heights and help the business grow. Companies like Dream 11 and MPL associating themselves with star players and gaining business has been the go-to act for quite some time now. They have gained more profit in such a short time than they could imagine.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Like any wise man would do, try to know everything about the subject before deciding whether it’s good or bad. The two sides of the coin named ‘online gambling’ are:-


  • It is budget-friendly and doesn’t require a certain amount to participate.
  • You have loads of options to choose from (all sorts of games are present).
  • The sites ensure your privacy and security.
  • You get loads of bonuses and rewards along with being entertaining and exciting.
  • Apps have made online gambling a lot more comfortable and convenient.


  • Though reputed companies operate most sites, there are some rogue operators too.
  • There’s a transaction fee made by your bank when you credit something into the account.
  • There are cashout times too.
  • There’s a lack of personal interaction at these sites.

Online gambling, also known as Internet Gambling, is all and any gambling run on the Internet. Virtual poker, casinos, sports betting, card rooms et al. are all a part of the online gambling world. Though illegal and restricted in most countries, it has a wide audience of its own, contributing to the $40 billion annual industry.

Agen Judi slot online gambling is predominantly operated by small companies, unlike land-based casinos. This is because the initial capital investment in internet gambling is a lot lesser than that of physical gambling. This ensures low setup and operating expenditure and guarantees higher payoffs in return.

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