Tips and Tricks on How to Play the Ancient Game of Mahjong

Mahjong is a game that has been around for centuries, and it’s still popular today. There are many game variations, but we will focus on the most common one here: Shanghai Mahjong.

10 Helpful Tips to start playing Mahjong so you can beat your opponent:

  1. Be Patient: It can take a while to realize the Mahjong strategy, so be patient when you start playing and learn how each hand is played out to understand what your opponent might do next.
  1. Keep an eye on your opponent’s tiles: If they have just discarded some valuable tiles from their hands, then try to make a move that will benefit them by removing those tiles from play, even if it means sacrificing other less important ones for now (but don’t forget about long term strategy).
  1. Try not to match too many pairs at once because you may lose track of which combo has been used or set aside before noticing something better was there instead – save one pair at a time to avoid this.
  1. Remember your one tile combinations before they are all gone – don’t play them too soon, or you’ll end up with none!
  1. If the tiles of both players run out, then it’s called “Tie,” and the player who made the last discard gets awarded that round. This may sound like an easy victory, but they will have no points for that hand, so look sharp to win more rounds if possible during regular play.
  1. Avoid making pairs on just any two complimentary numbers because not only do these combos take up valuable space (causing you to lose other potential matches), when there are less than 12 tiles left, you’ll be unable to make these pairs at all.
  1. Avoid making just any two tiles into a pair because they take up valuable space (which can cause you to lose other more important combos), and when there are less than 12 tiles on the table, it will not be possible anymore.
  1. When discarding your hand from play to draw new ones, put down those that have been used once already so as not to discard them again by mistake – this is especially important if you’re near the end of the game since one last discard before time runs out counts as points for that round (even though it’s technically counted during regular play too)!
  1. Be aware of the various types of tiles and what they do:Different suits each have different point values. The most common ones are Pung, Chi, or Chow (also called “Bamboo”), which is worth one point per tile; Kiu/Kong (called “Dragon”) at two points per tile; Foo (three points) Yang at four points).
  1. Memorize where your opponents discarded tiles were so that you can use them to make combos with other same value pieces for a higher score – this is especially good when you’re close to finishing up because it will be easier than trying to find some combinations as time runs out! Start playing Mahjong at โจ๊กเกอร์123 today!

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