Learn The Lingo: Common Gaming Terms You Should Know

When you enter a room full of gamers and listen to their conversations, you will be left agape if you do not know of their dialect. Just like any culture, even gamers have a unique language they use while playing. And in this piece, we shall take a look into the most common ones, so that you will know what they are saying the next time you want to hang out with them.

  1. Farming

This term refers to the action of performing monotonous tasks to collect relics like gold or other precious items. When playing a game, farming may take quite a while, and it is most times how you start playing a game. You basically gather armors and other tools that enable you to venture further into the game. During this task, you either gain levels or remain at the same stage, depending on the game.

  1. Glitching

Glitching is the activity during which a player exploits hidden flaws in the game to their advantage. These glitches are what the producers later fix, but the players take advantage of before the repairs. If you know of the glitch, you can be able to win most of your games or even get to skip levels.

  1. Kill death ratio KDR

This phrase is popularly used in first-person shooters as well as role-playing games. It broadcasts the number of kills you have so far in a match compared to the number of times your competitors have killed you.

  1. Jackpot

This is a term most people have seen on online casino sites such as and others. It refers to the top prize you can win in a particular game. And the criteria is if you have the right combination on a slot machine or get the right hand in poker. The pot ranges from a few hundred to thousands, and the odds of anyone winning is rather slim.

  1. Camper

This is yet another term used in first-person shooter games. It describes those players who opt to camp at one position where they get to eliminate their opponents with a sniper rifle. These players are most times very annoying and are killed with pleasure.

  1. Avatar

This list would not be complete without the description of an avatar. An avatar is the graphical representation of the player in the game. It acts as your alter ego and can look however you want them too depending on the game resources.

  1. Buff

This is a unique spell used to improve the performance of the players on your team. It is usually used by the ‘conjurer’ who gives powers to their teammates, such as increased strength, speed, or immunity. These are common in adventure games such as Star Wars.

  1. God mode

This is an action where you use a combination of buttons to reach the maximum level of skill. You cannot be killed or get hurt, and you possess the most potent weapons in the game.


Without a doubt, the terms described above are just the tip of the iceberg. But at least you have a few in mind. So the next time you hear them, you won’t seem green.

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