What games are most popular at online casinos and in land casinos?

You may wonder whether online casinos offer the same games that are popular in land casinos. The truth is that many of the most-loved games are the same with both ways of playing. Yet, there are some key differences to bear in mind too.

Themed slots are most popular online

Slot machines have traditionally been among the games that people head to when they go to a casino. The introduction of online casinos has made these games easier for more people to try, which has led to an explosion in their popularity.

Some of the top online slots are based on land machines which have been converted to online versions. The incredible impact of slots has meant that many developers have also decided to create other games in this format, introducing numerous new themes and features to add extra variety.

If we look at the example of one of the best NJ online casinos, we can see that Resorts Casino offers slots titles such as Wolf Run, Raging Rhino, and Starburst. New titles are released regularly, meaning that it is worth looking now and then at what is currently available.

Poker is hugely popular in land casinos

Poker is another casino game that has traditionally been among the most popular, especially in the US. This classic card game remains one of the biggest attractions in land casinos, while also successfully making the transition to online play in recent years.

Video poker has also proved to be a great attraction for online players. These games offer a simplified type of gameplay in which you just need to hope that you get dealt a winning hand. Played like a cross between a slot and poker, there are fixed payout rates for getting different kinds of winning poker hands such as a royal flush or a straight.

Blackjack and baccarat are increasingly popular online

European casinos have traditionally listed blackjack among their games, with baccarat hugely popular in Asia. Perhaps one of the reasons more people didn’t play these games was because they were generally thought of as being exclusive tables for high-rollers.

With online play now making blackjack and baccarat easy for anyone to try, they are gaining new fans all over the world. The simple gameplay and the speedy way they are played make them ideal for anyone looking for a quick game or two when it suits them.

Live roulette is still attractive to players

The idea of going to a glamourous casino to bet on the roulette table is hugely exciting, yet it has also been seen as somewhat intimidating for newcomers to try. This helps to explain why so many people are keen to try it at home in a relaxed, online setting.

One of the most interesting changes in recent times has been the way that online casinos now offer live dealer versions of traditional games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. With live streaming technology, players can watch the game being played in front of them while placing their bets online.

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