Slot Cash Guide: The Various Types of Cash Games

The cash game tables can be differentiated in different ways, starting from the number of players who make up the table, to continue with the minimum and maximum amount of chips that each player can have, to arrive at a different unfolding of the action of real game in the variants of no limt, fixed limit and pot limit. You can search the details of this on Situs judi slot online.

Cash Slot Guide  

There are three great ways in terms of the number of players that make up the cash game table: the head to head, the six handed and the full ring, and therefore 2, 6 or 9 players. The number of players at the table is fundamental. Another factor to take into consideration when setting up the conduct at the slot table is the number of big blinds you have in front of and which determine, especially in the no limit variant, the room for manoeuvre in the individual hands and in the strategy is been set.

No limit

Let’s now analyze the big difference between the no limit game and the fixed limit one.
The no limit has its peculiarity in the fact that at any time of the hand you can decide to invest all the chips, the only limitation is dictated by the minimum raise which must be at least double the big blind (for example in a table with blinds 2 € -4 € the minimum raise will be 8 €). In this mode there is always a great variety of choices to make and is therefore considered the most difficult but also certainly the most stimulating and fun.

Fix limit

The fixed limit is instead characterized by fixed rules that determine the amount of the bet in each phase. Let’s always take as an example a table whose limits are 2 € -4 €: in this case the blinds will be 1 € -2 € and in the first two betting rounds, respectively before the flop and after the flop, the only allowed bet is equal to 2 € and is defined as small bet, so even the permitted raises must be of the same amount, it will therefore be possible to raise by 4 €, then by 6 € and finally by 8 €. There is in fact a second limitation that allows a maximum of 3 raises for each phase. Things change after the turn and on the river. In these two moments, a greater bet equal in this case to € 4 is allowed, called big bet, and so are the relative raises, but always respecting the maximum of three after which the so-called “cap” is reached.

Pot limit

Finally, there is the pot limit game which follows the same methods as the no limit game but introduces a limitation in the maximum possible bet in each phase of the hand which can never exceed the total amount of the pot. Returning to the example of a table with blinds of € 2-€ 4, the raise must be at least equal to the previous bet or raise made before us, the total amount of the bet is determined by the pot in play, including all bets on the table.

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